Sébastièn Choy

Sébastièn was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At the age of four he knew he wanted to play the keyboards. At the age of seven he learned to play the organ. At the age of fourteen he made his first contact with synthesizers and discovered the guitar for the first time. The next challenge was how to play the drums at seventeen. Sébastièn went, after his College graduation( failed twice, guess why), to the Conservatoire in Rotterdam, to study electric guitar when he was twentytwo.
While studying at the conservatoire, he discovered that he was more
interested in writing and producing his own songs.
He realesed his own R&B album “On Que” with the group X-Change at the age of twentysix. Because of that he made connections to the House scene and made contact
with Olav Basoski.Sébastièn made remixes with Olav for Smashmouth and FunkyGreenDogs and created the hitrecord “Duende” for the Samplitude Vol.11 for Olav Basoski. With all this experience Sébastièn established his own production company named Choy Records. He has been busy in the industry even since for his own projects Authentic and EXPECT and many others to come…

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