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Donate this song for STOP AIDS NOW!

Choy Records invites you to join our campaign to download the song 'Peace to your Sky' for 0,99 euro at iTunes for STOP AIDS NOW!. We want to achieve a top 10 position in the Dutch charts to generate attention for STOP AIDS NOW! and Choy Records. For this we need at least 12.000 people.

When we have reached this number of people, we will send you an email to start the download. (Please wait for downloading the song until we have reached 12.000 people to start the download campaign)

We keep you posted about the countdown.

What to do?

It's very simple: Register your email address below and invite all your friends, family and acquaintances to do the same.

20 percent of the proceeds will be donated to STOP AIDS NOW!.

Let's make a difference in a different way!

Let's Rock!


By submitting your email address you will be notified by ChoyRecords when 'Peace To Your Sky' will be available for purchase on iTunes.

*20% of the generated income from downloads we donate to STOP AIDS NOW!.

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