Sebastien Choy ft Authentic “Triple Purple Rain”

Vocal: Sakia Lie Atjam

Sébastièn Choy ft Authentic “Finding Myself”

“Finding Myself”  Music & Lyrics Sébastièn.C.Choy © Choy Records


Lonely heart with diamonds ’round my sky,
Seeing blue birds flying slower all the time

Picking clouds like flowers,
To a golden light,
Getting closer towards this beauty of delight

Walking to this rainbow bridge, across a painted river
of silver wings


In the stars I find myself again,
With some help from my friends to protect me from rain,
When the sun still rises, so my life still can,
Finding my path in life, sending my smile to  you


Lonely days are being chased by the warmth of the sun,
Drifting away from empty days,

Being able to receive and feel my own wisdom,
That comes from deep down within myself.

Allowing my life as my own teacher,
To accept myself as the person I (really) am.


Believing and trusting that everything has his own
Secret reason and mystical meaning

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